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About the Podcast & blog: I wanted to create a podcast for the beauty professionals. There’s always information for the consumer, but I wanted to “cut the fat” so to speak and get right to the point of what’s going on in the skincare industry. It’s forever changing, but I’m doing the dirty work for you and giving you the latest news on what’s going on. I also wanted to focus on helping people build their business, so throughout my podcast, I give tons of tips on that as well.

About the Author: Hello lovelies, my name is Sarah and I’m based in San Francisco. I’m a licensed medical aesthetician.  My background is medical, but currently I’m in product sales and business development for an amazing skincare company. Part of my job already is to learn about all of the new things going on in the industry, as well as helping beauty pros come up with the perfect game plan to create a successful business. My passion has always been in the beauty industry, and I’m excited to share my passion with all of you.




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