Beauty Tech and the Consumer

I wanted to share some products with you that are gaining some hype for 2019

Specifically I wanna talk about beauty tech that is going to be available for consumers because you’re going to have clients coming in using these things and you need to know how to approach it.

Considering the beauty industry is more guided by trends than any other fast-moving consumer goods sector, it’s no surprise that brands are turning to tech to stay competitive. The global cosmetic market is expected to reach $863 billion by 2023 up from $532 billion in 2017.

Proctor and gamble have a new feature they are announcing in it’s existing online Olay skin adviser tool that tells users how old their skin looks. Take note, this may be great for you to use on your clients so that they’ll see their concerns which will give you an opportunity to create a series of treatments for them. It works by using an algorithm to show users what their skin and face will look like in the future under certain scenarios like not wearing spf daily.

I am not for brands creating products that would take the place of clients coming in to actually see you, the professional. But I think it’s good for you to know what’s being created so that when your clients do come in and say “well I have this red light face mask, what makes yours better?” you’ll know what to say.

So back to Olay, they have a new smart wand that uses targeted electromagnetic treatment and works with an accompanying app. It promises to “personalize and optimize” skin care products to a users issues and the wand helps to push product into the skin. They company says it believes consumers are looking for a “deeply personalized experience and products.”

So let me just say something, this bothers me. I know that everything now is all about convenience for example we have amazon delivery groceries y’all. Do we want our skincare to have such a cold approach? We need to always remind our clients that the beauty is in the skincare experience, which is the experience you create with them. And you are the professional, and an app can’t replicate the relationship you have with your client.

So Opte from one of proctor and gambles startup project’s, also debuted a wand. It can scan a users skin and place mineral pigments directly on dark spots. It has a tiny built in scanner, camera, and micro printer. This is currently in the testing phase and they haven’t announced a price or shipping date.

So I will say that maybe some of these devices that scan skin for issues could be a good way to get people into your office for treatments though.. that’s a positive way to look at it.

One example of this could be a wearable adhesive PH tracker that L’Oreal has created. Some research suggests a link between PH and inflammation, so the device intends to provide a way for people with conditions like eczema, dryness, and acne to test and monitor them.  The process of measuring skin PH typically requires costly equipment and a large amount of sweat. But this device is able to give an accurate reading in 15 minutes by using sensors micro channels to capture trace amounts of sweat.

The device will be called “My Skin Track PH” and will be available to dermatologists offices some time this year. Eventually the product may be sold to consumers. It was co-developed with L’oreals skincare brand La Roche-Posay.

This next one, not going to lie.. sounds really cool! It’s from Neutrogena. Wait a second before you start rolling your eyes..

They have this new thing called the Mask ID which is also known as the skin scanner. You purchase a lens that goes over your phone, you take a selfie, and also hold the lens to your face as it zooms in to measure things like moisture levels, fine lines, and pore size. Here’s where you may cringe, after that process it gives you a regime of Neutrogena products that will work for you.You can even print a custom mask for your specific needs. They’re $60, and I had the idea that maybe you could use it in the treatment room as a just visual to your client.. just a visual.

Another company I’ve been seeing ads like crazy for is another proctor and gamble Japanese cosmetic brand called SK-II. They launched what’s called a Future X Smart store in may 2018 in Tokyo and later in shanghai and Singapore. The store features technology such as facial recognition, computer vision and AI. Shoppers can do things like get their skin analyzed and view their results on a interactive skincare wall.

What I think is so appealing to people about these things is seeing it in real time. But you could incorporate some of these devices in the treatment room to offer clients a interactive and customized experience. Maybe not the future x smart store, but with other products like I listed before. But remember the #1 thing they don’t get If they purchase these products, is YOU which is the professional. I don’t think a computer is ever going to take the place of a skincare pro creating an experience.

So let’s just talk about LED for a second. I know that a lot of companies are selling LED lights in stores like Sephora, Ulta, and God knows there’s a ton available online. But if you have a client that says “oh you have LED? I have that at there’s no need for me to get it from you.” Nope – wrong..

Light is measured in nanometers, and LED lights have different depths. The ones you get online or at a store aren’t as strong and in order to get results you’d have to use is consistently every day in your routine and who has time for that? No one. I’ve had clients refuse to use more than 2 products on there face, or even think that washing their face is a daunting task. Make sure to let your clients know that your LED device is medical grade, which means that they would only have to come ever so often to get the treatment and it would be effective.

So beauty pros, I just want you to always remember that you are the professional, people are coming to you for advice and guidance. With beauty tech becoming more popular and available to consumers it can be a kind of scary thing. You may think “will this put me out of business?” to be honest, I don’t think it will, but it’s good to know what you may be possibly up against. Build those relationships, give honest recommendations, and don’t just deliver a service but an experience.




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